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About St brelades & the Cumberland

Dementia Care Homes For Ladies

Our aim is to be a top provider of residential care supporting service users rights to make choices, retain their dignity, privacy and promote independence as well as maintaining their health status.

The management and staff at St Brelades & The Cumberland aim to promote the following beliefs and values on which we have based our philosophy.

  • We believe each person should be enabled to live as full a life as possible, regardless of age, physical and mental disabilities and that each individual has the right to exercise choise over their lives.
  • We offer a holistic approach to care and will try and work in partnership with each resident to provide individual centered care.
  • We will always try to advocate each residents needs as fully as possible.
  • We aim to provide a homely, friendly environment so that each resident can enjoy their life in comfort.
  • We will endeavour to provide an environment which is non threatening and free from stress, fear, aggression and stereotyping and to also foster ethics that keep the residents rights intact.

St Brelades

The Cumberland