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Dementia Care Homes For Ladies

Well trained and highly skilled female carers provide sensitive and professional support to each lady by encouraging her to make choices in her daily life and in respecting her privacy and dignity at all times.

Larry Berkowitz

Managing Director

Larry is the new managing director of the Homes and works closely with the senior management team to ensure continuity during this transitional phase to maintain the highest standards of care that is evident in the Homes. Two existing senior staff, Mila Oligo and Lisa Foad have taken on the role of joint registered managers. They are supported by Jane Cousins, who will remain as clinical manager with additional responsibilities.

Larry comes with several years’ experience in the retail and catering sector having owned four fast food outlets for two major international franchises and has won several awards with the two groups – including franchisee of the year award. Since 2012, Larry has managed one of London’s largest home care providers, providing domiciliary care in North and North West London.

Though he recognises the complexity and the ever-increasing demand for residential and domiciliary care, Larry does not believe that these should come at the cost of a high quality service, which meets the personal needs of service users. He was drawn to the way ‘person centred’ care is provided by St Brelades and the Cumberland in a homely environment, which was a significant factor that influenced his decision to become a major participant in the running of the Homes. 

He is keen to build on the firm foundation that is evident and to take the Home to its next phase of development, ensuring and safeguarding the intrinsic ethos to ‘offer a Home from Home service’ which at present is embedded in the culture of the Homes.

In consultation with the management team, Larry will annually produce a business plan which will be reviewed and amended as necessary to ensure that the Homes meets their aims and objects to provide a high standard of care along with their statutory and regulatory obligations.

Lisa Foad

General Manager (Co-Registered Manager)

Lisa Foad recently became the co-registered manager of the Homes along with Mila Oligo. She is qualified to NVQ Level 5 in Leadership for Health and Social Care and is a highly skilled and valued member of the senior management team. She has the added advantage of being home grown, having worked for the Homes for 12 years holding various positions, including that of Training Officer and Senior Carer.

She is in charge of the staffing needs of the Homes along with the management of the resources that are needed for the day to day running of the Homes. She along with the training team, plan the training and development of all staff.

Mila Oligo

Clinical Manager (Co-Registered Manager)

Mila Oligo is a Registered Nurse (RN), who joined the Homes 2 years ago. Mila has worked in many different medical disciplines and during the last 16 years has worked in and residential and nursing care environment mainly in the care of people living with dementia.

She passionately believes in providing a homely environment where service users can feel safe, comfortable and nurtured. Recently, she became the co – registered manager of the Homes.

Jane Cousins

Clinical Manager

Jane Cousins RN (Mental Health) is an experienced Registered Nurse with a wide range of skills and experiences that have been obtained in different nursing and residential care settings.

Having been in post for 14 years, Jane is a highly experienced and valued member of staff. She has a good grasp of the care needs of people living with dementia and an in-depth knowledge of the way the Homes function to provide for these needs of the service user in its care in a timely manner in line with their care plans and wishes.

Together, Jane and Mila review and plan the ongoing clinical and general care needs of the service users. Through regular reviews and monitoring changes in the physical and mental health, they identify the ongoing needs of every service user and liaise with district nurses, medical practitioners, care managers and other agencies to ensure appropriate treatment is provided in a timely manner.

They work closely with team leaders and senior carers to ensure that care plans are kept up to date so that remedial actions can be taken promptly in line with the wishes of the individual.

The roles of Clinical Managers and the General Manager form the Senior Management of the Homes and report directly to the Registered Provider.

Angela Collins


Angela Collins is a highly regarded member of the management team and has been in post for over 30 years and has held various positions within the Homes. She works part time and supports the administrative needs of the Homes in many ways including sending quarterly accounts for ancillary services, maintaining the sickness and annual leave register and collating, checking and passing staff time sheets for payroll processing.

She along with the training team co-ordinate and organise all induction and training for new and existing staff. She also undertakes the employment related checks and works closely with the managers to ensure that staff comply with all policies and procedures operating within the Homes.

Ben Dalton

Maintenance Manager

Ben joined the Homes in 2016 and is in charge of all the planned and unplanned maintenance of the building and equipment used in the Homes, ensuring that these are free of avoidable hazards. He works closely with the care team to ensure the environment in which care is provided is well maintained and free from preventable risks.

Ben undertakes cyclical reviews of all equipment and the physical environment so that the Homes are safe and compliant with its regulatory and statutory requirements. He also works closely with the Registered Provider to budget and forward plan for capital expenses necessary to maintain the Homes in good working condition.

Team Leaders

The Homes employs two highly skilled and experienced staff, Tina Cooke and Rita Jordan as Team Leaders. Tina and Rita support and work closely with the senior managers to ensure that the needs of the service users are met in a timely and person centred manner. In the absence of the senior managers, the team leaders assume overall responsibility for the day to day running of the Home.

Through agreed regular reviews and audits, they monitor the care needs of the service users and ensure care plans are up to date to meet their ongoing needs. They undertake group and one-to-one supervisions to ensure care staff are kept up to date of the needs of the service users, have a clear understanding of their roles and are adequately skilled to perform their duties to a consistently high standard as required by the Home.

Staff Training and development team

Angela Childs and Wendy Miles under the guidance of the General Manager, Lisa Foad, take charge of all the training and development needs of the Homes. They ensure new staff are fully inducted in the procedures and processes followed by the Homes and that they satisfactorily complete their probationary reviews before being confirmed in post. They work closely with Lisa Foad and the administrator, Angela Collins to plan the training for all staff and ensure these are delivered in a timely manner and meet the needs of the staff and the Homes.

All staff are required to be trained to an appropriate level as dictated by the role they are recruited to perform before they are confirmed in post and also undertake mandatory follow up training in specific areas. The Homes follow a prescribed individualised training matrix, which captures and ensures all staff remain adequately trained to undertake their roles effectively. These also support staff development by providing a framework for training to NVQ Level 3 and beyond for staff who wish to self-develop or further their career.

The above mentioned staff form the Management Team of the Home and meet regularly to ensure they work collaboratively to maintain a high standard of care.

Senior Carers

The Homes believe in maintaining a team of carers with an appropriate mix of skills for each shift, to ensure the day to day needs of the service users are fully met at all times. To facilitate this, it actively trains and promotes staff, who show initiative and consistently perform to a high standard, to take on leadership roles as senior carers.

Staff classed as senior carers often take charge of the day to day activities of the shift, and in particular the distribution of prescribed medication, monitor service users who need closer and careful observation, manage the workload of the shift, deal with emergencies and generally take on a supervisory role for the shift.

The Homes also believe that the role of a seniors carer is paramount to maintaining its quality of service. It also feels that, carers who go far and beyond in performing their duties, should feel valued and appreciated and uses the position of senior carer to demonstrate its appreciation.


The Homes employ many staff as carers working in many different ways and patterns. All staff are required to complete the Care Certificate before they can become permanent employees. In addition, staff are encouraged to undertake other training and updates to ensure they get a clear understanding about the effects of dementia.

The Homes actively promote personal development and encourages staff to undertake training to NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care. The Home has a policy not to use agency staff, as it believes that to provide good care, staff should be familiar with the service users and the environment in which care is provided.


The Homes employs trained and experiences cooks who provide wholesome home cooked meals every day, using freshly sourced local produces. They also provide for special and where possible favourite diets.

All staff working in the kitchens are required to have completed the Basic Food Hygiene course before they are allowed to become permanent members of staff. In line with the Homes policy, cooks are expected to have a good understanding of the Health and Safety aspect of their role.

Therapy Staff

The Homes are committed to ensuring that it puts the service user at the heart of the care it provides. In-house therapy staff offer a variety of stimulating activities throughout the day to offer diversion and to encourage reminiscence. Regular walks, shopping, cooking, creative activities, sing-alongs and story telling are a few of the activities that are on offer. Activity coordinators also organise the annual fete and other celebrations to mark important events.

Maintenance and Domestic Staff

A team of maintenance and domestic staff ensure that the physical environment of the Homes is maintained in good and clean state to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the service users.

They conduct regular reviews, maintenance checks and replenish stock of goods as necessary. Through regular cleaning and maintenance of the environment the Homes function within, it is kept free of preventable hazards that are a risk to the health and wellbeing of its users.

General Assistants

General assistants offer valuable help around the Homes. They offer a much needed helping hand during busy times in areas such as washing up and assistance with bedtime activities such as taking drinks around to service users.


There are many roles that make up the workforce of the Homes. All our staff are required to complete a basic level of training that is dictated by the role they undertake and to have a clear understating about the impact of dementia.

About our staff

  • All our trained carers have achieved or are working towards gaining their NVQ level 3. Some are undergoing further self development training
  • All new staff receive a comprehensive Induction Training and are assigned to a mentor
  • All staff involved with food preparation have attended the Basic Food Hygiene course
  • All staff undertake mandatory training in Fire Safety, Health and Safety and Moving and Handling. They are also required to have a clear understanding of the policies and procedures in operation
  • All our staff have a particular interest in dementia and keep their knowledge up to date by regularly attending targeted courses on the effects and techniques of how to support service users to have a meaningful life
  • We have staff qualified as trainers in Health and Safety and Moving and Handling, so that our training is purpose made to suit our own environment
  • All our care staff have received training in Nutrition, First Aid and Resuscitation, Continence, Infection Control and Safe Handling of Food
  • All staff are required to undergo regular supervisions with a minimum of 6 sessions per annum and also have at least one annual appraisal.

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