Medical Care

Medical Care

Please bring your medical card with you when you move in to The Cumberland. It is also important that we know what medicines you are currently taking. It will be your personal doctor at The Cumberland who will be deciding with you your best treatment options.

The GP that provides medical services and advice to the Home is Dr Marion Nichols from the Park Surgery, Herne Bay. Dr Nichols makes routine visits to the Home on Thursday afternoons. Service users are free to retain their own GP for medical care if the GP is in the Herne Bay area.

Nursing support is provided by referral to District Nurses attached to the GP practice.

Pharmacy provides pharmacy services.

Visiting Professionals

Physiotherapists, dieticians, speech therapists and other allied professionals may visit following a referral from your GP.

Local hospitals will provide you with specialist treatment whenever your doctor thinks it’s advisable. If you or your relatives are worried about your health at any time then you can talk to the Managers. They are always happy to discuss matters connected to your health or to fill in forms on your behalf. Whatever the problem, they will help you to sort it out.

The Dentist

Oral health care is provided on the NHS by Melbourne Dental Practice or by your own dentist. On admission to The Cumberland all service users have the opportunity of having an oral check by the GP. Sometimes visits may be necessary and are provided by the community dental service for any necessary treatment.


All Service users are offered an annual eye health check through Health Care optical services who visit annually every March. As well as detecting glaucoma and cataract development the optician is qualified in the detection, prevention and correction of poor eyesight. Service users can also be taken to the opticians of their choice. Follow-up eye assessments are maintained as required. The optician will also keep in close contact with the doctor regarding any referral to see an ophthalmologist in the hospital if required.

The Chiropodist

Elizabeth Mulvaney provides domiciliary chiropody treatment at The Cumberland. She is a state registered Chiropodist and is qualified in treating and preventing disorders of the feet.